Project Approach

There are several important factors that we will incorporate into the sequence of the project to evidence our clear understanding of the project and its requirements for successful completion.

Project Consultants

We will assemble a team of consultants with strong, professional qualifications and state-of-the-art technical support to translate the project needs into reality. A prerequisite qualification for all consultants will be demonstrating excellence in discovering and refining a comprehensive program document, creating thoughtful, problem solving design solutions and delivering thorough, accurate documentation for construction to a stated budget. 37 years of experience has taught us what to expect from our consultants, how and when to get it delivered, and most importantly, how to coordinate their work with ours. A typical project would include a Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer and specialty consultants. In addition, throughout the design process, we will check and refine the project budget with them and our client to ensure compliance with the stated goal.

Program Documents

We will prepare a written document complete with schematic drawings that clearly defines the needs of the project for review by our client. It will include the following:

  • A thorough description of the project.
  • Planning guidelines and goals.
  • A detailed space requirements study.
  • A detailed site and building utilities study including required surveys.
  • A mechanical systems study with recommendations including life-cycle cost analysis, safety and energy conservation.
  • Schedules and phasing.
  • Construction systems.
  • Preliminary construction estimate.

The key element of the program document, however, will be to identify the overall design concept with our client which will guide the project to successful completion.

Comprehensive Project Reviews

Another consideration important to a successful project will be a planned series of front to back project reviews placed into the project schedule to foster the following:

  • Clear Owner/Architect/Contractor communications.
  • Detailed refinement of Project Scope.
  • A more accurate Construction Cost Estimate each time the project is reviewed.
  • A keen understanding of the construction phasing, especially if the project is to be occupied during construction.
  • Consistent Specifications which accurately reflect the project scope, produce more accurate bids and limit the need for change orders during construction.

Construction Documentation

We will carefully document all final design decisions utilizing AutoCAD and the Masterspec Construction Specification Guide. Meeting minutes during the design phase will be promptly distributed to all parties with critical path decisions highlighted. A commitment to professional accuracy and technical thoroughness will be ensured by direct continuous involvement of the principal-in-charge for the duration of the project.

Construction Administration

We will provide coordination of the project requirements during construction through regularly scheduled meetings that will track project progress against the submitted schedule, review shop drawings, observe construction for compliance with the documents, and review payment requests from the contractor.

* The services noted above represent a full menu of services that we provide. We will customize specific services to each individual project and client.